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Welcome to Bryant iServiceDesk

Welcome to the Bryant University Work Order System

Routine Work Requests Examples:

  • Single Toilet Clogged (*Still have access to 2nd Toilet)
  • Hole in Wall
  • Painting
  • Shelving Requests
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Carpet Issues
  • Minor A/C Issues (Slightly uncomfortable, requesting a couple degree change)
  • Minor Heat Issues (Slightly uncomfortable, requesting a couple degree change)
  • Trash Pickup

Emergency Work Requests Examples:

  • All toilets clogged (*No access to another toilet)
  • No Heat (Critical loss of heat)
  • Loss of Power
  • Visible, Active Leaks (Cannot be contained with a small bucket)
  • Downed Trees (Blocking Roadways)
  • Any life safety issue (Smoke, Fire Alarms etc.)

If you have an emergency work order, please call extension 6052. Your request will be addressed day of.

Routine work orders will be processed and scheduled based on workloads, importance and date received. Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of your Service Request.
If your work order cannot be completed within that period, your work order status will be updated appropriately in the status portal (See additional instructions).

To View The Status of a Work Order

Enter work order number at top left of screen:
EX: WO-20230008051 * Submission must follow this template.

  • Estimated End Date
  • Status
  • Notes

Status Meanings

  • Created: Work order has been accepted into the system
  • In Progress: Work order has been dispatched and a general comment will follow
  • Scheduled: Future date of completion has been determined based on request
  • Deferred: Work order has been postponed, general comments will follow
  • Awaiting Material: Awaiting material or parts for job
  • Awaiting Contractor: Work order requires outside contractor


Other Useful Information

Setup Requests for Special Events

Please submit all setup requests (tables, chairs, grills, tent requests, etc.) no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event. Please include when the setup needs to be done by and when it can be broken down for removal.

Useful Phone Numbers/Information

The following issues are not supported by Facilities but can be requested:

  • Residential Washer/Dryer Issues - Contact Auxiliary Services at 401-232-6035
  • Ethernet/Laptop Issues - Email Laptop Central at or call 401-232-6550